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We are often asked why we selected a long name like Parts Cleaning Technologies. The name was selected to describe our philosophy to the cleaning industry. Our core philosophy is that the correct parts cleaning process is the one that meets all of the customer’s goals. At PCT we analyze all the factors involved in removing containments from a part and develop a cleaning process that is right for the customer. We analyze the chemical components of the containment, the substrate and configuration of the part, the material handling of the part, the required cleaning specification, the footprint available on the manufacturing floor and environmental regulations. We believe that given the complexities of the manufacturing process, no one universal cleaning process exists. We are committed to the cleaning process that works for you. As such we offer aqueous, chlorinated, brominated, HFE, and HFC chemistries and equipment designs. We offer all equipment designs for immersion, spray in air, ultrasonic and vapor degreasing equipment.

We have over 80 years of experience offering this broad depth of chemistries and equipment. This industry is comprised of narrowly focused equipment and chemical suppliers. Our commitment is to help you select the right cleaning process.

At PCT we offer the full turn key system for your cleaning process.  We also offer any combination of the individual components.  We have customers that purchase our equipment and use a competitor’s chemistry; we also sell chemistry that is used in a competitor’s equipment.  We also perform service work on cleaning systems with competitor’s chemistry and equipment.  Our goal is to provide you the customer with the best cleaning process to meet your goal.  Imagine the experience we have obtained over the years by evaluating everyone’s equipment and chemistry. We believe our unique philosophy provides a depth of knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry and that this knowledge enables us to provide you with the best cleaning process to meet you goals. 

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