Solvent Stills

Reduce your hazardous waste costs and solvent purchases by reclaiming your contaminated solvent with a PCT solvent still.

Solvent Recovery Systems:  Solvent StillsFeatures

  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Cleanout Door
  • Electric / Steam Heat
  • Wide Variety of Distillation Rates (gph)
  • Standard & Custom Sizes Available
  • Water & Refrigeration Cooled
  • Various Companion Options
  • Bases to Elevate to Drum Height
  • Sealed Access Covers on Top


  • Steam heat
  • Storage Tanks
  • SS Transfer Pumps
  • Visi-Flow sight glass


  • Perchloroethylene
  • Trichloroethylene
  • nPB
  • HFE’s
  • HFC’s

Contaminated solvent to be reclaimed is transferred into the still. The pump will transfer contaminated solvent from the degreaser system or process tank to the solvent still. The solvent / contaminant mixture is heated to the solvent’s boiling point; thereby vaporizing the solvent present, freeing it from the contaminated portion of the mixture. Solvent vapors rise and condense on the internal cooling coils. The condensed solvent and any entrained moisture drains by gravity into the condenser troughs and flows through piping to an external water separator. Water is separated from the distilled solvent at this point based on retention time and temperature. The discharged solvent is returned by gravity to the degreaser for reuse.

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