Parts Cleaning Technologies provides chemistry and equipment solutions for cleaning industrial parts! We ...

  • engineer and build cleaning systems,
  • develop chemistries for optimizing cleaning parts, and
  • design custom solvent and aqueous processes.

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For Precision Cleaning Excellence

We have over 80 years of experience in the development and implementation of parts cleaning chemistries and equipment.

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For Precision Cleaning Excellence

Parts Cleaning Technologies (PCT) distributes a full line of aqueous, chlorinated, brominated, HFE, and HFC solvents nationwide. Our plants handle orders ranging from 5 gallon pails to tank truck loads. We are in a unique position to provide quality products in a prompt and efficient manner to virtually any solvent user.


For Precision Cleaning Excellence

Our menu of services includes contract cleaning - we will pick up, clean, package, and ship your parts! We also provide a "Certificate of Cleanliness" with your parts.

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We fulfil the demand for stringent cleaning requirements!

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  • Chemistries that optimize cost-benefit.
  • Parts cleaning equipment solutions.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment solutions.
  • Automated cleaning technology.
  • Innovated and tested solutions.
  • Industrial contract cleaning services.
  • Industrial washing services.
  • Industrial parts washing methods.
  • Parts Cleaning Information: What is it? How is it used?

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About PCT

Parts Cleaning Technologies is a leading provider of chemicals, custom chemistries, and equipment solutions for cleaning industrial parts! Parts Cleaning Technologies evolved from the Equipment and Chemical distribution divisions of Detrex Corporation. The majority of our employees are former employees of Detrex Corporation. For over 80 years PCT’s employees have been designing complete cleaning systems for the metal cleaning market. We offer cleaning processes for immersion, spray in air, ultrasonic, and vapor degreasing equipment. At PCT, we will evaluate your cleaning needs and recommend a complete process solution including custom cleaning equipment, specifically formulated chemistry, and chemical minimization.

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