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Parts Cleaning Technologies evolved from the Equipment and Chemical distribution divisions of Detrex Corporation in 2002. The majority of our employees are former employees of Detrex Corporation.

For over 80 years PCT’s employees have been designing complete cleaning systems for the metal cleaning market. We offer cleaning processes for immersion, spray in air, ultrasonic and vapor degreasing equipment. At PCT we will evaluate your cleaning needs and recommend a complete process solution including custom cleaning equipment, specifically formulated chemistry, and chemical minimization.

Our chemical formulation laboratory is located in Redford Mi, with two degreed chemists with over 80 years of experience. Not only do we formulate chemistry and build equipment, we also have contract cleaning centers in Indianapolis, In, Bowling Green KY and Charlotte NC. Send us your parts and we will clean them for you. At our contract cleaning centers we run equipment and use our chemistry in real world situations. This practical experience makes us better able to develop your cleaning process.

No one in the industry offers the depth of services and spectrum of chemical product lines consisting of aqueous, chlorinated, brominated, HFC's, and HFE's.

PCT is more than a web site that subcontracts all the services offered. We are bricks and mortar warehouses, a full trucking fleet to distribute your product, full time employees to formulate chemistry, design and build your equipment and a service team to install and service your equipment.

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