Vibra Degreasing Systems

Spiral Elevator Degreasing System

Industrial Desgreaser - Vibra Degreasing systems A spiral elevator degreaser, using a vibratory transfer system, is an excellent choice for applications where a great mass of small, loose product must be both cleaned and dried. The vibra degreasing system is centered around a vibrating spiral that accepts parts from the top of the degreaser via a load chute and then conveys them around the spiral on a designed pitch to obtain the best cleaning and the maximum drying. The incoming parts receive an immersion in hot solvent, hot vapor rinse, freeboard exposure, and then exit the system clean & dry – all in one compact area.

Vibra Degreasing System Features

  • Tank: stainless steel with optional chip diverting pan
  • Coils: Stainless steel finned with manifold piping for single point connection.
  • S.S. Water separator with internal cooling coil.
  • Spiral: stainless steel with steam heated jacket for drying assistance
  • Freeboard: 75% standard with 100% optional
  • Clean-out door located on the boil chamber
  • Water jacket standard for solid tank models.
  • Heating is standard steam with electric as an option. Spiral isn’t heated if Electric heaters are used.
  • Standard sizes are available from 4” to 12” with productions from 1000 ft3/hr to 45,000 ft3/hr
Vibra Degreasing System - Industrial Parts Cleaning


    • Hinged door for easier removal of the spiral in low ceiling applications.
    • Freeboard chiller
    • Super heat
    • Heat insulation package
    • Automatic solvent make-up
    • Exhaust system
    • Load / unload conveyors
    • Glass viewing doors
    • Special spray patterns
    • Marine cleanout doors
    • Distillation system
    • PLC system with touch screen


    • Metal Recovery Industry
    • Amunition Manufacturing
    • Small part Manufacturing

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